Home Study Approved

Great news! Our home study was approved! We have been working with amazing people at Hope For Adoption. Our home study agent will follow us all the way to post-placement (a few months after we bring baby home).

What’s next?

  • We are submitting applications to a few agencies across the United States that most frequently partner with Faithful Adoption Consultants (FAC – the consulting group helping us pursue this adoption).
  • We are also applying for a couple of grants to help us meet our fundraising goal.
  • We are putting together our profile book (a little magazine about our family) to help expectant moms get to know us.

Once we have raised all of our support and finished our profile book, we will become “active.” Being active means that agencies will begin presenting cases to us for us to match with an expectant mom.

How can I pray?

Please pray that we can meet our support-raising goal quickly and that we are approved for the grants to which we are applying. Pray for our birth mama who might currently be in the process of deciding what to do for her child.

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