Support-Raising Begins

The “gofundme” is up, the supplies for the quilt were delivered, and Mamaw is here with her sewing machine.

We are applying for a couple of matching grants to help us meet our fundraising goals. We are also also inviting our community to donate towards our adoption. Since the beginning of this process, it has been so evident to us how much we need our community to make this possible. Lindsey found this quilt pattern on Etsy called “It Takes A Village” and thought it was perfect for our fundraiser. Our family is helping us hand-make this heritage quilt to give to our child. As we receive donations, we are going to stitch the names into the quilt to forever commemorate our “village” that helped us adopt our child.

The quilt pattern has 132 homes on it. If donations average to $200 per house, then we will have achieved half of our goal! With the matching grants, that will help us reach $50K!

How can I donate?

If you want to donate to support our adoption, thank you!! You can click the “Give” link at the top of the page to read more about our goal and how the funds are used. You can also click the button below to head directly to our gofundme page.

How can I pray?

Please continue praying for us, the birth mama, and our baby. Please pray for us to raise our support quickly so we can begin matching!

A silly thing to pray for: we are having our pictures taken this month (by the wonderful Kelsey MacMinn) for our profile book. Mitch and I are the most awkward humans in photos. Please pray that we will enjoy the session and that the photos will reflect our family well!

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